PolyScope – the flexible micro-endoscope

PolyScope embodies the ideals of PolyDiagnost – patient safety, legal security for the user and practical application of flexible micro-endoscopy.

PolyScope is also the pioneer of the modular approach, which now extends across all product families of PolyDiagnost´s portfolio.

By using one sterile catheter per operation, each patient is treated with a new flexible endoscope. The valuable optical part is reusable but protected from contamination by a cultured diamond screen ensuring the highest standard of hygiene while providing superb imaging at reduced cost. Additionally the number of patients treated is no longer determined by the availability of expensively processed equipment.

The core-modules of flexible micro-endoscopy

  • The reusable 10,000 pixel optics, designed with a unique lens with a field of view of 120 degrees reflects peripheral and direct human vision. Targeted diagnosis / therapy and simple scanning of the environment at the site are possible.
  • The sterile disposable catheter, coupled with the reusable optical system to become an endoscope, is available in different lengths. These lengths are matched to the intended application. All catheters are common in the outer diameter of the body of 8 Charrière (FR), the diameter of the working channel of 3.8 FR and the hermetically sealed optical channel.



Interested in PolyScope? Our sales department will advise you in detail.

Investment protection

PolyScope can be connected to all conventional endoscopy towers.


PolyDiagnost offers own cameras, light sources and irrigation pumps,  optimized for use in micro- endoscopy.



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Scientific papers


Resilience of Disposable Endoscope Optical Fiber Properties After Repeat Sterilization



Cholangioscopy using a new type of cholangioscope for the diagnosis of biliary tract disease: a case series


Choledochoscope-assisted percutaneous fibrin glue sealing of bile leak complicating transarterial chemoembolization of hepatocellular carcinoma after liver transplantation


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