PD-DS-1080 Semirigid Optic Modular 30.000 Pixel 70°

PD-DS-1083 Semirigid Optic Modular 10.000 Pixel 120°

PD-DS-1084 Semirigid Optic Modular 6.000 Pixel 70°

PD-DS-1086 Semirigid Optic 3.000 Pixel 70°

PD-PN-0080 Semirigid Optic MicroPerc PCNL 10.000 Pixel 120°

PD-PS-0095 PolyScope Optic 10.000 Pixel 120°

PD-PS-0096 PolyScope Optic 10.000 Pixel 120°

PD-PS-0097 PolyScope Optic 10.000 Pixel 120°

PD-PS-0144p Modular catheter PolyScope® 8 F

PD-PS-0153 Modular catheter PolyScope® 8 F

PD-PS-0154p Modular catheter PolyScope® 8 F

PD-PS-0174p Modular catheter PolyScope® 8 F


PD-FS-4001Modular Ocular Fix-Focus for 10.000 und 30.000 Pixel Optic

PD-FS-4004 Modular Ocular Fix-Focus for 3.000 und 6.000 Pixel Optic


PD-AC-0092 3-joint-arm

PD-AC-0093 3-joint-arm

PD-DS-1210 Optic shifter

PD-DS-1025 PolyShaft straight 2.00 / 90 mm

PD-LC-3001 Light cable set

PD-LC-9551 Adapter separate light

PD-PN-0020 10.5 F Working shaft

PD-PN-0030 2-port-adaptor

PD-PS-0120 Optic combishifter

PD-PN-1008 Micro-Perc®-Set

PD-VC-0210 Camera Endognost CS 207 PAL

PD-TI-3503 3 wire basket

PD-TI-3504 4 wire basket

PD-TI-5110 Grasping forceps semirigid

PD-TI-8101 Biopsy forceps

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