POLYDIAGNOST – the art of endoscopy

POLYDIAGNOST recognized the advantages of minimally invasive, imaging diagnostic and therapeutic methods very early on. The highly innovative company has been developing microendoscopic instruments and devices for years.

POLYDIAGNOST researches in this field with sound medical knowledge and inexhaustible creativity. The results are remarkable. Endoscopic outer diameters of up to an incredible 0.25 mm now allow insights into the body that were previously only possible through surgery.

The advantages are more precise diagnoses and immediate treatment or intervention. Necessary biopsies or minimally invasive surgical procedures can be carried out immediately during the examination. An efficient and at the same time gentle treatment from which – in addition to clinics and practices – patients benefit above all.

Product solutions

Safety and security

All critical components that come into contact with the patient or even the contaminated user are supplied sterile and disposed of after each use. In case of the semi-rigid and PCNL-endoscope optics, there are no small lumens in which potential pathogens can settle.


POLYDIAGNOST has decoupled the eyepiece from the handle. The doctor can therefore carry out micromanipulations much more comfortably than with conventional endoscopes.

Cost delimitation

The acquisition costs of POLYDIAGNOST endoscopes are far lower than those of conventional endoscopes. The clear division of one-off acquisition costs and consumables enables simple cost calculation.


Whether tear duct drilling system, All-Seeing-Needle® for PCNL or sterile disposable catheter for flexible endoscopy, the developers at POLYDIAGNOST have been setting standards in the field of microendoscopy for years.

The industry

POLYDIAGNOST develops customized special solutions for industrial applications, for example highly acid-resistant flexible endoscopes for the energy industry, very long endoscopes for aviation and special endoscopes for the interference-free acquisition of electronic signals in hard-to-reach places.

POLYDIAGNOST is currently heavily involved in national projects in which it contributes its expertise in the construction of microendoscopes to the benefit of all project participants.