MICROPERC® – the miniaturization of percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL), taken to the extreme by POLYDIAGNOST

POLYDIAGNOST sets the benchmark in minimally invasive percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) with the miniaturized ALL-SEEING-NEEDLE® and the further developed MICROPERC®.

With the highly specialized MICROPERC®, POLYDIAGNOST also pursues the modular concept, which keeps all options of percutaneous kidney stone fragmentation open with the proven modular system while constantly taking patient safety into account. The valuable MICROPERC® optics with the proven POLYSCOPE objective, which mirrors the peripheral and directional vision of the human eye with its field of view of 120°, enables controlled therapy and simple scanning of the surrounding area at the end of the procedure to check that there are no stones. This optic meets the highest hygiene standards due to the absence of any lumens. The small-lumen elements are consistently supplied as sterile disposable products.

However, MICROPERC® is much more than the miniaturization of percutaneous nephrolithotomy. Other possible applications in gynecology, but above all in pediatric and prenatal intervention, have already contributed to significant improvements in the quality of life of mother and child and to reducing the burden on the healthcare system. However, due to regulatory hurdles and low case numbers, these areas of application are only available to experienced off-label users in Europe.

MICROPERC® can be connected to all standard endoscopy towers and thus easily expand your range of instruments for kidney stone management. POLYDIAGNOST also offers its own cameras that have been optimized for use in microendoscopy.

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