Semirigid Micro-Endoscopy

Semi-rigid microendoscopy, a unique concept developed by Polydiagnost to advance treatment options in Urology. The modular approach of Polydiagnost endoscopes provides a toolbox enabling users to customize their system by simply selecting the modules specific to their needs. Patient safety and legal security for the user without the restrictions of constant expensive reprocessing were priorities in the development of the concept. Modularity also allows interdisciplinary use with further cost benefits in the current financial environment facing medical procurement.

By the use of one sterile working and irrigation channel per application the risk inherent in reprocessing this critical section of endoscopes is neutralized. The valuable optics are reusable, free of any lumen and easy to sterilize. The switch between the channels from diagnosis to therapy and vice versa requires only seconds. The toolbox also includes miniaturized instruments allowing interventions which are unique in the medical world. PolyDiagnost follows holistic thinking in its portfolio, all modules are included from which you may select your individual kit. Subsequent additions and extensions are possible at any time.

The core modules

  • Reusable optics with lenses that reflect peripheral and direct human vision with fields of view from 70 degrees to 120 degrees. Targeted diagnosis / therapy or simply viewing the area is possible. The optics have resolutions of 3.000, 6.000, 10.000 and 30.000 pixels and are protect in a hull of NiTiNOL.
  • The sterile working and irrigation channel PolyShaft®, which is coupled with the optical system to set up an individualized endoscope is available in different lengths and diameters. These are matched to the intended application. PolyShaft® is available with diameters from 0.65mm. Optics can also be used without PolyShaft® in some applications with a special adapter, e.g. inside the eyeball.

Investment protection

The semi-rigid endoscopy modular system can be connected to all standard endoscopy towers.


PolyDiagnost but also offers its own cameras , light sources, irrigation pumps and micro-drills  that have been optimized for use in micro-endoscopy.

Interested in the semi-rigid endoscopy modular system? Our sales department will advise you in detail !


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