• ENT / Sialendoscopy and sinuscopy
  • Gynecology / milk duct endoscopy
  • Maxillofacial / TMJ / arthroscopy and arthrocentesis
  • Ophthalmology / lacrimal duct endoscopy
  • Fistuloscopy
  • Arthroscopy of small joints

Semi-rigid microendoscopy is a term in the medical world whose expansion beyond the field of urology was largely determined by POLYDIAGNOST. With the modular approach of the endoscopy system, a construction kit is available with which the user can adapt his endoscope to his needs by simply selecting the modules. Patient safety, legal certainty for the user and constant availability of the endoscopy were the main considerations behind the concept. The modularity also allows the user interdisciplinary use, a consideration that does justice to the current environment in medical procurement.

By using one sterile working and irrigation channel per application, this critical branch of reprocessing is neutralized. The valuable optics are reused, they are lumen-free and can therefore be reliably sterilized. Switching between channels for diagnosis and therapy takes only seconds. The modular system also includes miniaturized instruments, some of which enable unique interventions. POLYDIAGNOST pursues a holistic approach; the portfolio includes all modules from which you can put together your own individual modular system. Later additions and extensions are possible at any time.

The core modules

– Reusable optics with lenses that mirror the directional and peripheral vision of humans with fields of vision of 70° to 120°. Targeted diagnosis / therapy and simple scanning of the environment at the point of use are possible. The optics have resolutions of 6,000 and 10,000 pixels and are protected by a NiTiNOL cover.

– Sterile PolyShaft® working and irrigation channels, which are combined with the optics to form an endoscope; available in various lengths and diameters. These are matched to the intended application. PolyShaft® is available with diameters from 0.75mm.

– The semi-rigid micro-endoscope can be connected to all standard endoscopy towers. POLYDIAGNOST also offers its own cameras that have been optimized for use in microendoscopy.

You can find application videos on our YouTube channel.